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The Game of Golf as a Sport

For quite some time now, there have been strong arguments if the game of golf should be considered as a sport. This arguments have been impacted by the fact that a significant number of people see this game as a game for the rich people only and not everyone can play it. This was a case back then when it was introduced. Golf has been able to give people all the reasons as to why it should be regarded as a game and some of them include:

For an activity to be considered as a sport it should be intense and challenging. It should be difficult for its competitors to be frequently training for it so as to perfect it. and golf just like any other sport, it is difficult.

You cannot just take the golf stick and start hitting the golf ball. It requires one to train for it that’s when golf competition comes in handy as this is where people compete and a winner is crowned.
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Physical fitness
to be a golf player, there are some things that one should first consider and that includes being physically fit. Just as any other sports golf requires full physical exertion. Hitting the golf ball requires some agility and stamina that can only be achieved through proper body fitness.
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Playing golf is not an easy thing that anyone can do, apart from one being physically fit, one has to have the necessary skills needed in playing golf.
Special skills is significant in playing golf just like any other sport.

This is essential in cases where there is a competition with diverse golf players all competing to be at the top position, with great golf skill one can benefit from it as it will help them if they were looking to be at the top.

Being a golf player is currently being considered as a top profession. It has managed to produce some of the top richest people in the world.

Introduction of funding sources such as the international world tours and sponsorships in this type of game it has given people the benefit of the doubt to consider this kind of game as a sport.

Unlike the old times, golf was not that popular as it is today. This activity has improved in time with many people now joining this game.

competition held also been a significant impact on the spread of this game’s popularity as people from different places of the world come together to compete for a common goal. With the continuous increase of this awareness, it is considered as one among the few reasons why it should be referred to as a sport.


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