Interesting Information about Memeory Foam Evolution

Since the introduction of memory foam mattresses in the 1990, they have experienced an evolution. Traditional memory foam changed how people viewed sleeping. It was now possible to share a bed more comfortably because the moving of one person had less impact on the position of the other person. Foam instead of springs and coils drastically reduced motion transfer. The major problem with the memory foam is that is got very hot during the night, disrupting sleep for users.

The remedy for that was the development of air cooled memory foam. An additional layer was added to the design to allow air to circulate through and around the mattress. Some manufacturers came up with alternate designs that included air vents within the actual mattress, as well as around and on top of the finished product. That made memory foam cooler, which eliminated the problem known as “sleeping hot”. People were both comfortable and cool. The popularity of foam mattresses continued to grow with the cooler models. The addition of air pockets within the mattress also allowed manufacturers to introduce comfort settings to make mattresses more flexible in terms of support. Users could select the degree of firmness for the entire mattress, or one side of the mattress.

Through user feedback and customer reviews, new details emerged regarding the need for a firmer mattress to accommodate sleepers who needed maximum support. The result was the third stage of foam mattress evolution in the form of gel memory foam. Manufacturers began to combine types of memory foam to create mattresses that were cooler, more luxurious, and firmer than traditional memory foam alone could offer. The latest evolution of the memory foam mattress is the new creation from Saatva called the Loom and Leaf Luxury memory foam mattress. It includes a combination of all three types of foam in the four-layer, twelve-inch thick mattress that is high in quality and lower in price than any comparable mattress on the market. It is built in the USA of renewable and sustainable materials, and comes with a fifteen year warranty. Early independent reviews are quite favorable. The mattress is available in five sizes and has a one-hundred and twenty day trial period from the date of arrival, not the date of purchase.


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