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The Invisalgin Dental Procedure

If you have crooked teeth and you want to have invisible or clear braces, then it is about time that you visit an invisalign dentist. Today, there has been a rise in the number of dentists offering teeth alignment treatments which involve invisalign invisible braces. Today dentists offer invisalign invisible braces to replace the traditional metal braces which is a lot inferior and very much different from what we now have.

There are implications if you decide to choose clear braces which you need to fully understand. The reason why many people want to have invisalign braces is because of its many benefits compared to the traditional metal kind, and the difference between them have to be clear to you if you are to choose the invisible braces. Dentists offering invisalign will start with a full examination of your teeth, and will take accurate molds of your teeth are they are currently positioned.

After the examination and the mould, the dentist will take a highly accurate impression of your teeth. There is great need for this impression t be very accurate to the last detail of each tooth. This impression will then be used by the dentist to create a 3D virtual model of your entire set of teeth.

The 3-D virtual reality version of your teeth allows your invisalign dentist to be able to examine every tooth’s position precisely and accurately from a range of angles and positions. In order to plan the eventual finishing position of your teeth, your invisalign dentist will manipulate the teeth’s positions with the use of a computer. This ensures the accuracy of the teeth alignment result. The stages in between from the current position of your teeth, to the desired final position can also be generated by your invisalign dentist.

You need to wear every set of invisalign braces for a period of two weeks. When the two weeks are up, the invisible braces will be replaced with a new one which is different from the first because the teeth will have already moved by then. This is planned carefully after the invisalign dentist has used the computer model to accurately plot each stage of the process.

With this carefulness in the procedures, the invisalign invisible braces will be able to help produce straight teeth to the patient. However, the entire process takes very much less time than with traditional braces, usually months rather than years. You should visit an invisalign dentist if you want to have teeth alignment done very quickly and very accurately and find more about the benefits that using invisalign can give you. Visit your invisalign dentist today if you have really crooked teeth than you want to straighten.

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