Tips for Working With Home Remodeling Contractors

Working with whole home remodeling contractors allows homeowners to completely revamp their existing houses to accommodate new family members, make better use of space, or simply keep up with the latest trends. Ensuring the final results of the project match the homeowners’ expectations isn’t always a simple matter, though. Read on to find out what to consider during the planning phase to ensure the best possible results.

Overall Vision

Start out by flipping through some magazines or visiting a local home improvement store to find inspiration for overall themes and goals. It’s a good idea to prioritize different aspects of the project appropriately as well, as this will help keep it under budget. Try to find five or ten must-have changes and incorporate them into the overall plan.

Style and Design

It can be tempting to simply follow all of the latest trends when it comes to interior design, but this can lead to houses that feel outdated just a few years after they have been remodeled. The style and design chosen will influence everything from what materials will be used to where fixtures will be located and even whether the home will be easy to sell, so homeowners should carefully consider what overall effect they are going for and discuss it with their contractors.

Size Concerns

Many whole home remodeling projects involve adding additional space to existing homes. If making additions is on the agenda, be sure to check into permits and neighborhood covenants. Also, keep in mind that it’s often possible to remodel one area of the home at a time, so if a new room addition is likely to push the entire project over its budget, it might be worth waiting a few years to complete it.

Developing a Budget

Remodeling an entire house can be quite expensive, given the amount of demolition, rebuilding, and customization that it involves. Establish a budget in advance and stick to it throughout the planning process. It’s always best to set aside 10 to 20 percent of the budget for dealing with unforeseen issues, as this will help avoid going over-budget before the project is completed.


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