What’s The Point of Investing in an Extra Key Fob?

It’s true that key fobs do cost a little money but they offer quite a few benefits. Anyone who has ever had to run through the rain to get to the car knows how helpful it is to unlock the door with a fob instead of fumbling with the keys. Along with having a primary fob to use, it makes sense to purchase a second one and make sure it’s programmed and ready to go. Here is what having one more key fob copy will do.

Keep Going Even if the Primary Fob Malfunctions

Even when the fob is programmed by a professional, there’s the chance it will stop working. In most cases, a pro can have it ready to go again quickly. Should something be seriously wrong with the fob, it may be necessary to order and program a new one. Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, that could mean doing without a fob for a few days.

When the vehicle owner has invested in a backup fob, it’s easy to get through that waiting period. All it takes is grabbing the spare set and getting on with the day. When the new fob arrives and is programmed, that spare set can go back into a safe hiding place.

Calling for Help

While a fob can do many things, most of them require that the device be in the hand and not dangling on a key chain while the key is in the car ignition. If that’s where the keys happen to be and the car is locked, the only thing left to do is call a locksmith and wait until the professional arrives.

If there is another fob at home, a quick call to a family member will be all it takes to set a rescue mission in motion. The spare fob can be brought to the site, used to open the door, and get to the keys. There is no need for a locksmith or having to pay for the cost of having the door opened.

Check into options for having the fob copied and programmed today. All it takes is one event to justify the time and the expense of investing in that spare fob.


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